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Understanding Bosch Washing Machine Error Codes

Bosch washing machines are equipped with error or fault codes to help users identify and address issues promptly. These codes are not meant to cause panic but rather serve as helpful indicators that something needs attention. Identifying and understanding these error codes can prevent minor issues from escalating into major problems. While some errors can be resolved independently, others may require the expertise of a qualified repair engineer. In Havant and surrounding areas, residents trust South East Appliance Repairs for prompt and professional service. When you encounter an error code on your Bosch washing machine, it’s essential to act quickly. South East Appliance Repairs offers convenient booking options, allowing you to schedule repairs online or by phone. With their efficient service, you can rest assured that your appliance will be back in working order in no time. To assist you in troubleshooting, here’s a guide to some common Bosch washing machine error codes: E16 or F16: Indicates a door issue, often due to improper closure or obstructions. Check the door lock, child lock, and load capacity before seeking professional assistance. E18 or F18: Typically signals a blockage in the filter or drainage system. You can attempt to clear the blockage yourself, but persistent errors may require professional intervention. E19 or F19: Indicates a problem with the heat exchanger, necessitating professional attention. E20 or F20: Indicates unexpected heating during the cycle, possibly due to a malfunctioning component. Professional diagnosis and repair are recommended. E23 or F23: Indicates a leak, triggering the Aquastop system. Disconnect power and water immediately and seek professional assistance. E25 or F25: Indicates a fault with the turbidity sensor, affecting drainage. Professional repair is necessary to resolve this issue. E26 or F26: Points to a problem with the analogue pressure sensor, disrupting the cycle. Professional repair or replacement is required. While this list covers common errors, South East Appliance Repairs is available to assist with any Bosch washing machine issue. They prioritize customer satisfaction and will provide guidance on self-resolution before dispatching an engineer. Don’t let error codes disrupt your laundry routine. Contact South East Appliance Repairs for reliable solutions and peace of mind.

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Hotpoint Washing Machine Error Codes

Interpretation of Hotpoint Washing Machine Error CodesIn today’s era of advanced appliances, when a fault is detected, modern-day washing machines are capable of alerting you by displaying an error code. Hotpoint Washing Machines and Hotpoint Washer-Dryers come equipped with this convenient feature – they either display an error code or initiate flashing LED lights on the console – to notify you of an operational fault in the washing machine. Typically, the appearance of an error code or flashing lights will be your initial indication that the washing machine has encountered a problem, which cannot be overlooked. In fact, the machine is likely to cease functioning until the error code is addressed. Without understanding the meaning of the code, it can be challenging to determine where to begin troubleshooting. Therefore, the first step is to take note of the code and then refer to our guide below to identify it. While it’s possible that the fault is something minor, such as overloading, which you can rectify yourself, sometimes the triggering factor behind the error code may be a more serious mechanical issue requiring professional repair. Service 87’s washing machine repair experts are situated in Alton and are proficient in fixing faulty Hotpoint Washing Machines across the surrounding areas, including Bordon GU35, Liss GU33, and Petersfield GU31 & GU32. Guide to Hotpoint Washing Machine Error CodesF01 – or flashing LED light No. 4Indicates that the washing machine will not operate and functions cannot be selected, signaling a fault with the electronic circuit board. Attempt to resolve by unplugging the machine for at least two minutes, then restarting it. If unsuccessful, contact a repair engineer. F02 – or flashing LED light No. 3This code suggests a motor circuit fault, resulting in the drum either not rotating or rotating intermittently during the wash cycle. Professional repair is required. Call 01420 481120. F03 – or flashing LED lights No. 3 & 4The washing machine fails to heat water due to a temperature sensor fault, necessitating professional repair. Call Service 87 at 01420 481120 or book a repair online. F04 – or flashing LED light No. 2Indicates continuous water filling due to a jammed pressure switch or hose blockage. If the hose is clear, professional assistance is required to identify and resolve the issue. Call 01420 481120. F05 – or flashing LED lights No. 2 & 4The machine fails to drain water, accompanied by an inability to open the door, suggesting a pump blockage or failure. Check for blockages in the pump filter, waste water hose, and under-sink plumbing. If unresolved, seek professional help. F06 – or flashing LED lights No. 2 & 3Signifies a door lock issue, preventing the door from opening and the machine from starting. Professional assistance is necessary to rectify this problem. F07 – or flashing LED lights No. 2, 3 & 4This code appears if a wash cycle stops prematurely, with the pump continuously running and water not heating. It indicates a potentially serious problem with the electronic circuit board and heating circuit. Contact 01420 481120. F08 – or flashing LED light No. 1Indicates a heater fault, causing the wash programme to halt midway. Professional attention is required. Book a washing machine repair. F09 – or flashing LED lights No. 1 & 4This code signals a software fault requiring a trained engineer’s expertise to fix. The washing machine will be inoperative, and the programme selector will not respond. F10 – Unused error code. F11 – or flashing LED lights No. 1, 3 & 4Accompanied by an inability to pump water out of the machine, this error code necessitates pump replacement or repair of a broken pump circuit by an engineer. Call 01420 481120. F12 – or flashing LED lights No. 1 & 2Indicates an electronic control fault, resulting in the washing machine’s failure to power on. Professional appliance engineer assistance is required. Contact 01420 481120. F13 – or flashing LED lights No. 1, 2 & 3This error code pertains to Hotpoint washer-dryers and indicates overheating in the dryer. Ensure the lint filters are clean and clear, and airflow into the dryer is unobstructed. If unresolved, seek expert assistance. Call 01420 481120. F14 – Unused error code. F15 – or flashing LED lights No. 1, 2, 3 & 4Alerts to a heater control fault, resulting in water not heating and/or pauses during washing or drying cycles. Professional engineer intervention is necessary to rectify the fault. F16 – or flashing LED light No. 5Appears exclusively on top-loading Hotpoint washing machines, indicating a faulty drum lock sensor. F17 – or flashing LED light No. 5Displayed when the washing machine door is not properly closed, or if stuck, it may indicate an issue with the door lock mechanism, requiring an engineer’s attention. F18 – or flashing LED light No. 3Indicates an internal data error, with some or all display functions malfunctioning. Attempt to resolve by unplugging the machine for at least two minutes, then reconnecting and restarting. If unsuccessful, contact +44 1428 746679.

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Hoover Washing Machine Error Codes

Interpretation of Hoover Washing Machine Error Codes Despite Hoover washing machines’ stellar reputation, they are not immune to wear and tear, which can occasionally result in malfunctions. When encountering an issue with your Hoover washing machine, you may notice an error code displayed on the control panel, often accompanied by audible signals like beeps or flashing lights. While these error codes don’t provide precise details about the malfunction, they can serve as useful indicators of which component or system of the machine is experiencing trouble. To offer insight into potential issues with your Hoover washing machine, we’ve compiled a list of error codes it might display. This knowledge can help you identify the problem before seeking repair assistance, enabling technicians to swiftly diagnose and troubleshoot the issue. It’s worth noting that error codes may vary between models and older Hoover machines, so if any discrepancies arise or if the codes don’t align with the issue you’re experiencing, it could be due to such differences. Guide to Hoover Washing Machine Error Codes E01 Issue detected with the door lock. Inspect for any signs of damage to the lock, faults in the control board, or obstructions in the door. If the problem persists, professional assistance is recommended. E02 Inadequate water supply. Possible causes include a malfunctioning water inlet valve or a blockage in the water supply hose. Seeking advice from a professional engineer is advisable. E03 Drainage problem within the machine. This may be caused by a blockage in the drain hose or a faulty drain pump. Professional intervention is required to address this issue. E04 Excessive water in the drum. This indicates a problem with the water level sensor. Seeking professional advice is recommended. E05 NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) fault detected while measuring water temperature in the machine, indicating a fault with the sensor. Various issues such as faulty wiring or a malfunctioning control board could be responsible. Professional assistance is advised. E06 Unbalanced load caused by overloading or uneven distribution of clothes. Ensure clothes are evenly distributed in the machine, avoiding overloading. E07 Motor fault or wiring issue. Overloading, worn brushes, or faulty wiring may lead to this error. Professional assistance is recommended. E08 Fault detected with the motor speed sensor. This could be due to incorrect motor speed, wiring issues, or control board malfunctions. Seeking professional advice is advisable. E09/15 Control board malfunction. This could be caused by power surges, moisture, or water damage. Calling a technician is the safest course of action. E10 Faulty drum sensor. Professional advice should be sought to address this issue. E11 Fault detected with the dryer sensor in the machine. This could be due to age, wear and tear, or electrical interference. Seeking professional assistance is recommended. E16 Water heater malfunction. Possible causes include a clogged filter, faulty water inlet valve, or low water pressure. Professional intervention is advised. E17 Fault detected with the motor tachometer. Possible causes include a faulty motor, loose or damaged wiring, or a faulty control board. Professional assistance is recommended. E18 Indicates a fault with the washing machine control board, possibly caused by power surges or water damage. Professional advice should be sought. Regular maintenance of your Hoover washing machine, including cleaning filters, drains, and hoses regularly, as well as following the installation instructions in the manual, can help prevent many common issues. However, if you encounter a problem you’re unable to resolve or prefer assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at South East Appliance Repairs. Our engineers are available for same-day appointments across the UK. For more information or to book an engineer, please call us at +44 1428 746679 or email

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