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Are you having trouble with one of your appliances? Whether your dishwasher has broken down, your washing machine is not spinning or your fridge freezer is not working properly, don’t let a faulty appliance cause you any further disruption. 

Managing your daily routine without one of your essential appliances can be a major inconvenience, so arranging a fast, reliable appliance repair service is a top priority. We provide efficient, affordable domestic appliance repairs in Liss and across South East England. Our experienced team of appliance repair experts are skilled in fixing all types of appliances and brands.

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Oven repair services in Liss

If your oven has stopped switching on, is overcooking or undercooking food, it is time to call the experts. Using a faulty oven can lead to food poisoning if food is not heated to the right temperature, so you should never take any risks if you suspect your oven is not functioning as it should.

Our highly trained oven repair specialists are experienced in every brand of oven, so you can call us for your:

We also repair ove brands that are not listed above, and we can arrange fast delivery of parts for lesser known brands from our network of suppliers.

Tumble dryer repairs in Liss

If you are worried that your tumble dryer is not working as it should, it is important to get an expert to inspect it before you use it. Faulty tumble dryers can be a fire risk, so if your tumble dryer has started to make loud noises or there is a smell coming from the appliance, you should stop using it and arrange an appointment with a  tumble dryer repair expert in Liss.

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